Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Well, June is here.... now the fun starts!!

So, here we are again, except this time the month in the date has a 6 in it, thus meaning that it is June! June is the start date to my training, June is the date when i will face my everest etc etc etc etc.

The shops closed and we are now back in our birth home of Nottingham. We moved this weekend which was amazingly the hottest weekend in Edinburgh for years. The manual labour alone equated to half a marathon.

We are now living in my late grandfathers house. The location is good, the area is nice and the house is a good size. It also comes with something that i have not seen on houses before....a time machine. You activate the machine by walking through the front door and then BOOM, your in the 1950's!!! it's just like magic!!

The aformentioned time machine has ment that i haven't actually done any training yet, well no running anyway. In the last 5 days i have proobable walked 10 miles carrying heavy weights. lifted and moved several large pieces of funiture and boxes. ran up and down miles worth of stairs and i have done all this in 25 degrees!! not a bad way to start my training!

I am about to leave for Sheffied for a job interview. on returning i will be embarking on my first run!!!!! that should be a laugh. my plan is this........

  • June.

Several runs around 1/2 miles just to get the body used to pounding the tarmac this will last around 4 weeks with 3/4 runs a week finishing with a 2 mile run which hopefully i will find quite simple.

  • July

My target for the coming months is to run 1 extra mile in distance on the sunday morning of every week. I will be running twice a mid-week and i will follow both of these runs up with a small free weights period. I have promised my wife that i will not become a lolly pop!! if i lose too much weight i become too thin and my giant head (no jokes please) looks out of place. so for this reason i will be working on my muscle growth as well. I will be concentrating on my upper body, arms and chest. I will work on my legs but this will come later in the training.

  • August

This month the training will continue in the same fashion. The main thing that i will add though is that we will start biking. this will improve my indurance and build my stamina which will obviously be needed. By the end of August i will hopefully be running 10 miles comfortably. The 1 mile extra a week is a target that i will try to keep to. i will not obsess about it though as i will work more to completing my targets for the end of month runs.

Thats the first few months convered. The London marathon has around 1 million people apply for it. there is a ballot drawn in October to determine who has qualified to run! I will be running on behalf of the Childrens Trust and Cancer Research. Hopefully running on behalf of charities will help me get in.

I will post a wee message after my run today to inform you if i passed out, died or saw god!! fingers crossed i will be ok. the i-pod is loaded, the fun begins. wish me luck.

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