Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Blowing out of my arse!!!!!

Well, The well known 'ton of bricks' hit me with great force over the last 2 weeks and my god it has kept hitting me. I AM NOT FIT!!

I expected the first few months to be hard but my god i never knew how hard they would be. I hadn't realised that that the last 5 years of beer, takeaways, couch potatoing (that is a word i am sure) and all round general slobbishness had effected me so bad. In short..... OOOUUCCHHH!!!!!

So i have had to take some desperate measures. I am now eating far healthier. I have introduced 2 strange things into my diet, fruit and breakfast. i feel like i have a spring in my step and i am confident that before i know it i will be hitting the 2 mile target i have hoped for by the end of the month. fingers crossed.

Oh, and i have bought some dumbbells!! My pea shooter arms will be guns before you know it!!

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